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Dry erase projector screen

  • Dimension : 117 x 244 cm (46 x 96 in)
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In stock


These screens have been designed to work with interactive, multimedia projectors. When used with this type of projector, these screens become interactive boards! Dry erase and anti-graffiti, this product is made from long-lasting high-quality material.

Save money – Taking down traditional chalkboards and replacing them with whiteboards is expensive. We’re well aware of the budget constraints many schools in Quebec face, so we’ve come up with an alternative: cover your existing boards, without damaging them!

Save time – The magnetic screens are easily installed in a matter of seconds.

Dry erase – These magnetic screens have an anti-graffiti covering, which is easily washable. The anti-graffiti surface is also a great alternative to replacing ceramic whiteboards, as you can write on it using non-permanent markers.