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Bonus box set – Original

This school money system was developed by teachers for teachers! There are 490 bonus notes inside each colourful little box. What’s more, Bonus wallets allow students to keep their bonus notes safe so they can save throughout the year. Bonus notes are made from practically tear-proof material, so you can reuse them year after year.

  • 300 $1 notes
  • 100 $5 notes
  • 60 $10 notes
  • 30 $20 notes
  • 32 Bonus wallets


Bonus notes - Original

Cet ensemble contient :

300 billets de 1$
100 billets de 5$
60 billets de 10$
30 billets de 20$
4 séparateurs

De plus, en achetant l'ensemble, vous recevrez aussi un boitier pour ranger tous vos billets bonus !

32 Portes Bonus

Ces petites boîtes de carton, semblables à des portes monnaies, permettent aux enfants de conserver leurs «billets bonus» pour faire des économies. De plus, un espace est prévue sur le dessus des boîtes pour inscrire le nom de l’élève

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Using bonus notes is a simple and efficient way to create a school money system in your class. They are made from long-lasting material and so can be reused year after year. Additionally, bonus notes are decorated with bright, fun smileys and look surprisingly like Canadian bank notes, thereby facilitating students’ learning. Bonus wallets are small cardboard boxes, similar to a wallet, allowing students to keep their bonus notes safe so they can save. There’s even space to write the student’s name on the box.


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