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Treasure Chest – Achievement smileys

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This box contains 862 stickers, divided as follows:

  • 90 large smileys
  • 70 medium smileys
  • 378 small smileys
  • 105 medals
  • 27 medal ribbons
  • 192 words of encouragement


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Encourage your students to succeed!

Persevere, do your best, succeed, be proud of yourself… These are the values we wanted to teach children by creating the characters in this box. This set also includes stickers with expressions inspired by the list “98 Ways To Say Very Good” (from the Canadian Child Care Federation). There are also some medal-shaped stickers that you can write your students’ results on. As a bonus, we have included 32 large birthday stickers in the Achievement smileys treasure chest. These boxes are full to the brim with fun, bright stickers, your students will no doubt nickname it the “Treasure Chest”! It fits perfectly on a desk, is easy to transport and the price couldn’t be any better! The large smiley stickers in the treasure chests can be used as positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Some children like to collect them, swap them with friends, or keep them safe in an album. Our treasure chests also include sheets of small stickers that you can peal off and stick on your students’ work.


To ensure the efficiency of this encouragement tool, Izamo Design only sells this product to teaching professionals. 

Dimensions27.5 × 22 × 5 cm


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    Back in school, I’m doing so much learning.

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