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Izamo, the company that makes children smile – L’Express, January 1, 2024

Very little known to the general public, the company Izamo Design has been making a difference in the lives of schoolchildren for around twenty years. With her unique stickers, she encourages them. With its colorful stair risers, it pampers them. And with its diverse material, it contributes to their learning. Discovery of a small business that makes a big difference in Quebec schools.
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Saint-Nicéphore School – Library Project

Izamo Design was given a mandate by the Saint-Nicéphore school, in Drummondville, to build furniture that would adhere to the criteria of the designer that collaborated with the school’s management. In addition, we printed a beautiful mural to add a touch of well-being to this location meant for relaxation.





Rose Pomme

Rose Pomme

Rose Pomme

Izamo Design is so very proud to be part of the living spaces of our small ones.

“Right before the spring break, I received my huge order of furniture to create a home corner for my class of 4-year-old preschoolers. While searching the Internet to find the most beautiful furniture that I could, I discovered Izamo Design. I fell in love! What a pleasure it is to encourage a superb Quebec company that offers such beautiful and robust products! My little lamas ADORE our new home corner. It is so nice to see them play in this area that I had completely thought through!” – Rose Pomme







Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague School – Marguerite’s Flexible Classroom Project

Izamo Design has designed work tools worthy of the most beautiful flexible classrooms for this nice teacher.
• Tables of various shapes and forms
• Dry-erase table with a grid tabletop
• Dry-erase table with the school’s mottos all around it













Rose Pomme

Designer d’intérieur Elaine Roux

Saint-Paul College – Elaine Roux, Interior Designer

Magnificent project consisting of recuperating the wood from trees that were cut throughout the yard.

“During the work that was done on the exterior site of this establishment, a few century-old trees had to be cut. I was asked to think of a design where the wood from these trees could be used.
Thanks to Izamo Design’s collaboration, here is the result, and it makes me very proud. It was colossal work on their part to transform this rough wood and achieve this magnificent result. Thanks for taking on the challenge!’’ – Elaine Roux, Interior Designer


École du sentier

Du sentier School – Skating Rink Project

To the delight of kids young and old, Izamo Design has created this huge, self-adhesive skating rink. At the management’s request, we have incorporated the school’s logo at the dead center of the design. This new touch has enhanced everyone’s sense of belonging.












Izamo Design takes a lot of pride in taking on the challenges put forward in collaboration with the Lab-School.








École Secondaire D’Arcy McGee

D’Arcy McGee High School – Cool Smiles Box

The self-adhesive “Cool Smiles” stickers box came about following a marvelous collaboration with Mr. Stephan Fuchs’ art class at D’Arcy McGee high school. For a whole year, we shared our ideas and creative designs with them. At the end of the year, we gathered at Izamo Design’s factory while our team in the shop was finishing up production on our work. Everyone left with their box full of their creations. A lot of happiness for everyone and a great boost to their spirits!!!










Small Cardboard Cars

A fun project consisting of designing and building small cardboard cars. The kids had a great time!



Stair risers

Educational stair risers project in a beautiful school






École des 2 Rivières

2 Rivières School – Construction Project

Izamo Design took part in the construction project of a new school in Saint-Lucien.

“A project that was realized for the 2 Rivières school! ☀️
While waiting for the construction of their new school to be finished, the students were relocated to the Saint-Lucien church for the whole school year. We felt like offering them a stimulating environment to brighten up their day-to-day life.” 🤩 » – Izamo Design
“Surpassing oneself, one smile at a time!”




Honoré Mercier School – Mural Project

Mural project using our stair risers’ designs

“STOP Bullying!
Thanks to the Honoré-Mercier school for trusting us with this self-adhesive mural project. An original idea to help defuse bullying in the school environment. Do not hesitate to send us pictures of the educational environment you work in! By sharing them, you could inspire your colleagues!” – Izamo Design






École Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague

École Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague

Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague School – Library Project

The school principal of the St-Louis de Gonzague school wanted to restore the radiance of the existing library. Adding a self-adhesive covering on the top of these old tables completely transformed the atmosphere of this room. A great way to recycle!!!









Festival de la poutine

Festival de la poutine

Every year, we support the organization of Drummondville’s “Festival de la poutine”.






Ukraine Drummondville

Izamo a soutenu le groupe de bénévoles pour l’Ukraine à Drummondville

Izamo Design supported the group of volunteers for Ukraine in Drummondville.






The Izamo Tree

Magnificent decorative item for all our conventions and for Childcare Centres too.


 Many thanks to the Les Soleils de Mékinac Childcare Centre for their confidence. We are very proud of our small mischievous monkey who travelled all the way to Saint-Adelphe, in the regional municipality of Mékinac county!
Sonia LeBel, Member for Champlain in the National Assembly


École Notre-Dame-du-Sourire

École Notre-Dame-du-Sourire

Notre-Dame-du-Sourire School – SCP Puzzle Project

«Le 20 décembre dernier a eu lieu le dévoilement du nouveau visuel de la démarche du soutien aux comportements positifs à l’école Notre-Dame-du-Sourire.
“On December 20, the new visual of the positive behavior support process at Notre-Dame-du-Sourire school was unveiled.
Gathered in the gymnasium, all the students were able to admire the puzzle in the school colors! Each time a class has collected enough bracelets, they can celebrate their achievement and install an additional piece to the puzzle. Once the drawing is completed, the whole school will be able to participate in a special activity to promote the efforts of benevolence and commitment among the students.” / Dévoilement du nouveau visuel de la démarche du soutien aux comportements positifs à l’école Notre-Dame-du-Sourire