Can I purchase Izamo Design products if I’m not a teaching professional?
Of course! Our products are available to all—except for our sticker boxes, which we reserve for teaching professionals so that our stickers remain a unique and special reward that enables positive reinforcement for students.

What payment methods are available?
(Note that we no longer use Moneris payments)

  • Direct deposit
    • If you are a school, we will be happy to send you our contact information for direct deposit.
  • Interac transfer
    • For individuals, it will be possible to make an interac transfer to the following address:
  • Cash payment in store
  • Payment by check
  • You can also place your order directly on the website and make payment online with your credit card. We will prepare your order which will be ready for in-store pickup or shipping.

Where are your products manufactured?
All our products are made by Serico, a Quebec company based in Drummondville.

Can I visit your store to save on delivery fees?
Yes, we would be happy to welcome you to our store. All our products are available on site. We share office spaces with Serico, the manufacturer of all our products. Click here to learn about our opening hours and contact information.

Can I help your team develop new products?
All our products are developed in close partnership with teaching professionals. It is thanks to your expertise and valuable insight that our solutions can meet the needs of today’s classrooms with great success. Should you wish to take part in our product development process, feel free to let us know. We may very well need your support!

Can my teaching establishment pay the invoice?
Yes, no problem.

Do you deliver outside of Quebec?
Yes, but shipping fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Can my teaching establishment submit a purchase order?
Yes, we accept purchase orders if this simplifies the transaction for you.

Certain pieces of my product are damaged. Can you replace them?
Yes, we keep a surplus of pieces in stock for most of our products. We still recommend that you contact us to inquire about availability.

Are your products available in English?
Yes, all our products have been translated into English. Please note that the English version of our site is still under development and will be fully launched shortly.

What are the delivery times?
Local orders are delivered within 3 to 7 business days. This timeline will vary for international orders according to the shipping location.

Do all your products feature a dry-erase surface?
All our magnetics products are protected by an anti-graffiti coating that is dry-erasable and easy to clean. You can, therefore, use non-permanent markers without leaving a mark.

What is the difference between both models of the Motivational Board?
We created two distinct boards to meet the needs of classrooms of all sizes. The number of identification spaces is what varies from one model to another. The Pop Smiles has 26, while the Pop Stars has 30.

How should I clean this product?
Soapy water is the most simple and efficient way of cleaning this product. If you prefer using a commercial cleaner, we recommend Bon Ami®. Do not use any alcohol-based cleaner as it could damage your product’s surface.