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Adhesive Protection Desk Shield

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Protect your students and teachers with this affordable and efficient cubicle. Transparent and flexible, it protects without hindering communication and prevents injuries that could occur with a more rigid solution. Made of a single folding piece, the cubicle couldn’t be easier to install. No special tools are required! Simply use the provided double-face adhesive pieces to secure it to your students’ desks.

  • Dimensions: 60.9 x 30 x 50.8 cm (24 x 12 x 20 in)
  • Material: Plastic (polycarbonate)

We recommend cleaning this product with soapy water.



Safely uninstalling a Desk Shield

Thanks to high-performance adhesive fixtures, your Desk Shield is solidly secured to the surface where it was installed. Follow this procedure to remove it safely:

  1. Carefully lift one of the side panels, starting at the extremity.
  2. Progressively and slowly insert a small scraper under the adhesive fixture to separate it from the tabletop. Avoid all sudden or forceful movements. If the base does not lift easily, use isopropyl alcohol to dilute the glue. Do not pull on the panel vertically.
  3. Repeat the two previous steps for the other panels.
  4. Once the Desk Shield has been uninstalled, remove any adhesive residue using a soft cloth and alcohol.
  5. Note: We offer a cleaning kit specially designed for this procedure. It includes: 1 bottle of isopropyl alcohol, 3 small  cloths and 1 scraper.

WARNING: Do not pull forcefully on the Desk Shield. Doing so could damage the surface underneath.

In these uncertain times, Izamo is determined to support our schools by protecting teachers and making classrooms a brighter place for students. Here are a few solutions we developed to safeguard the health of teachers and students alike.