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Classroom planner

  • Printed on magnetic material
  • Compatible with dry-erase markers
  • Dimensions : 59 cm x 66.86 cm (23.27 x 26.32 in)



The “Welcome to my classroom” planner is the perfect way to plan your classroom schedules. It takes up minimal space on your magnetic board, in the staff room or on your classroom door.

Pedagogical tips :

Research shows that collaborative practices within a school are a fantastic way to support your students’ success. Leverage the “Welcome to my classroom” planner to organize sessions where you’ll share knowledge and pedagogical experiences within your school.

** To avoid damaging the product’s surface, we recommend that you store it flat or roll it up smoothly with the printed side facing outwards.


Special thanks to Sylvie Gagnon, principal of Cyrille-Brassard School, who helped us develop this product.