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Teacher and children clock set

  • 1 large magnetic clock : 56 cm (22 in) diameter
  • 1 large magnetic nighttime set (eyes, mouth and hands)
  • 24 small clocks : 13 cm (4 ½ in) diameter



Clock – Teacher

Learning to tell time is an important step in a child’s life, and our clock makes the process more fun and interesting!

Clock – Student × 24

Designed for students, this model is smaller and easier to handle—but just as durable—as the teacher clock.

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  • Let students move the clock’s hands to facilitate their learning.
  • Encourage students to refer to the Stellar clock – Teacher, on the board.
  • Let students change the large clock’s eyes, mouth and hands to help them differentiate between the hours in the day and the hours in the night.
  • Teach children about the changing colours in the sky to facilitate their distinction between day and night.

Izamo Design recommends storing flat or carefully rolling this product, ensuring that the image is on the outside, to avoid damaging the surface.

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