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Ludo & Méninge – Bora Fruta

2 to 4 players | 6 years +

It’s a hot summer day! For a long time, you’ve been dreaming of going to the sweets party at Bora Fruta Park and, most of all, enjoying a delicious three-flavoured popsicle! To obtain a popsicle, you must face challenges and get coupons to exchange for pieces of popsicle in different areas of the park. A fun-filled, refreshing game!

  • 1 game board
  • 2 Cocktail boards
  • 4 Player boards
  • 1 Ticket boards
  • 4 popsicles
  • 92 cards
  • 1 Code card
  • 1 card holder
  • 32 Fruit tokens
  • 12 Number tokens
  • 35 tickets
  • 4 playing pieces
  • 1 die
  • game rules.



The many variations that allow teachers to limit the duration of the game.

One of the only games that focuses specifically on developing planning and organizing skills in a time-management framework.

Two levels of difficulty.


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Bora Fruta is an innovative game that offers children challenges that draw on their attention, working memory and a number of executive functioning skills in the fun-filled context of sweets, the beach and summer activities! The game requires children to plan and meet various challenges within set periods of time to obtain coupons to be exchanged for pieces of popsicle. The first child to recover the three pieces of his or her popsicle wins the game. The game features six different categories of challenges: memory/ episodic memory challenge; scientific/logical reasoning challenge; investigative/selective attention challenge; secret/working memory challenge; picture-match/activation challenge; and, stop/ inhibition and flexibility challenge.


The game allows explicit teaching and metacognitive strategy modelling easily transferable to learning and daily life: verbalisation (inner speech), automatic recall, visualisation, visual exploration, regrouping items based on their similarities, material organization, self-correction and self-assessment.

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