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Teaching sheets

  • 100% magnetic, these sheets adhere easily to traditional boards.
  • Anti-graffiti surface means you can write on them using non-permanent markers without leaving a trace.
  • Dimensions : 61 x 79 cm (24 x 31 in)

Choose a model from the list below:

  • Portable sheet
  • Narrow-ruled sheet
  • Ruled sheet
  • Quad-ruled sheet
  • Cartesian plane sheet (English or French Version)


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Visual supports are a must-have teaching strategy. These large magnetic sheets allow your students to refer back to the message you are teaching them however many times they need to. This helps them digest the material quicker and easier. It is often said: a picture is worth a thousand words! Izamo Design recommends storing flat or carefully rolling this product, ensuring that the image is on the outside, to avoid damaging the surface.

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