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Magnetic school year calendar pictograms

These pictograms, used with the school calendar, are the visual cue students need to quickly get their bearings. This product includes 180 magnetic pictograms, divided as follows:

  • 6 pictograms to illustrate the current temperature.
  • 62 pictograms for each day
  • 15 house pictograms to illustrate days off
  • 3 school pictograms to illustrate teacher training days
  • 18 different pictograms to illustrate different school events (61 pictograms in total)
  • 22 pictograms to illustrate popular holidays
  • 6 balloons you can write students’ names on when it’s their birthday
  • 6 blank dry erase labels.



The school calendar pictograms are made from high-quality magnetic materials. They are long-lasting and adhere easily to boards.

The school calendar is a must-have educational tool that familiarizes students with the concept of time and all associated notions. By using it, students develop a sense of time and are thus able to tell which activities are coming up. They are also useful for teaching the weather, and informing students about special school activities, public and school holidays, birthdays, and seasons.


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