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Elementary daily schedule – Labels

The Elementary daily schedule pictograms are made from high-quality magnetic materials. They are long-lasting and adhere easily to boards.

This product includes:

  • 12 labels (7” x 3”) to indicate periods, breaks, lunch and home time. Adjustable according to how the school works. You can write the time on the periods using a dry erase pen.
  • 27 subject labels (8.5” x 3”) (double French and mathematics).
  • 13 pictograms (3” x 3”) for use with the subjects or simply to announce an addition to a period.
  • 4 frames (3” x 4”), two to frame the photo of a child whose celebrating their birthday, and two to frame the photo of a specialist, e.g. resource teacher.
  • 1 blank label, which you can write anything on you like using a dry erase pen.


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Teachers often use daily schedule, they allow students to develop a sense of time, tell which events are coming up and better manage transitions between activities. Knowing this, we decided to create a daily schedule adapted to teachers’ needs. By working closely with professionals from the school environment, we were able to create a product that represents the activities and daily periods of the vast majority of schools in Quebec.

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