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Preschool and 1st grade daily schedule

Made from high-quality magnetic materials, the daily schedule is long-lasting and adheres easily to boards.

  • 48 magnetic labels
  • 2 blank dry erase labels
  • Size: 4” x 4.5” (10 cm x 11 cm)

This product is sold in a made-to-measure box that you can keep for storing your labels.


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The notion of time is not intuitive, it’s not something we are born with, therefore it has to be taught. When a child is at preschool, they also have to learn the concept of social time. They have to learn how to follow the same schedule as the rest of their class and to respect the rhythm and rules of their class. Teachers should introduce a clear and well-structured schedule each day. Preschool teachers often use picture daily schedules. Knowing this, we decided to create a daily schedule adapted to children’s needs.

Izamo Design recommends storing flat or carefully rolling this product, ensuring that the image is on the outside, to avoid damaging the surface.


We would like to thank the preschool professionals who worked with us on the development of this product, which has been tested and approved in a pre-school setting.

  • Marie-Josée Cusson, Preschool teacher, Commission scolaire Des Chênes, Drummondville.
  • Renée Dubois, Preschool teacher, Commission scolaire de St-Hyacinthe, St-Hyacinthe.
  • Lyne Simard, Educational advisor, Commission scolaire De La Jonquière, Chicoutimi.
  • Mijanou Beaumier, Pre and elementary school teacher, Commission scolaire de St-Hyacinthe, St-Hugues.
  • Sophie Croteau, Preschool teacher, Commission scolaire des Phares, Rimouski.

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